The Girl Before: Fifty Shades of Grey falls to the Right Author?


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Title : The Girl Before
Writer : JP Delaney
Year: 2017
Publisher : Ballantine Books
Genre : Psychological thriller, suspense
Format : ePub (eBook)


Reading this novel reminds me suddenly of Gone Girl for a moment. Two characters tell their stories. The difference is that the Gone Girl the two explain the same life with different point of view, while in this novel both characters tell the same story about the house with different lives. Emma and Jane as the narrators who switch story telling, live in a cool minimalist and modern house with reasonable price in London. The architect, Edward Monkford is really selective for those who get to live there. There are serious tests and questionnaires for them. Jane lives in ‘Now’ and Emma lives in ‘Then’, it is the ways the chapters are divided (that’s why the title is The Girl Before). Things happen then inside the house. The mysteries and suspense are brought into the surface.

Emma, is a strong character in the sense of a fiction work. She is an unstable, disturbed and untrusted woman. It gives a serious tricky plot. Using both Emma and Jane’s point of views simply tricks the readers and slowly but surely escalates the conflicts. Yet, the readers won’t be easily fooled again nowadayws with the thriller and suspense story, will they?

The initial pace is pretty slow, but then layers of facts and characters development appear. Edward Monkford is almost become the center of the story after Emma and Jane of course. It’s really hard not to compare Edward Monkford to Fifty Shades of Grey’s Christian Grey for the’re being charming, rich, cold, perfectionist and obviously sadistic in sexual terminology. Emma and Jane are involved in the love life to Monkford, yet Emma has the sadomasochistic relationship. Monkford gives the house tenant list of questions to answer and conditions to fulfill and rules to obey. He is a control freak. There are also some obvious sex scenes, it’s just unavoidable.

In few pages before the novel ends however, I thought that the story just a little resembles the similarities, but the ending came back to make me realize that the novel really is a matter of control and power, pure sadomasochistic. I can’t help to think whether The Girl Before is Fifty Shades of Grey falls to the right author? Whether you like or not, it has the idea of romantic love pushed over destructive selves and broken couples, just like the Fifty Shades of Grey’s basic notion – which for me personally, it turns into a sold out disaster. This novel goes beyond being good, just like the theme, architecture, the story goes on in an architectural structure: beautiful, functional, yet you’ll get confused and astonished at the same time in finding a particular corner of the building without understanding what the hell is that.